Chronic disease management

What exactly is a chronic disease? By definition, it is a medical condition that lasts more than 3 months and is not preventable nor is it curable. About 133 million Americans–45% of the total U.S. population–live with a chronic condition. Diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, hypertension, asthma, and heart disease, and other chronic diseases can make life difficult to manage for millions of older adults, often forcing them to give up their independence. Chronic diseases can affect a person’s ability to perform important activities, restricting their engagement in life and their enjoyment of family and friends. Chronic pain can occur anywhere in the body. People with chronic pain complain of:



  • • headaches
  • • back pain
  • • cancer pain
  • • arthritis pain
  • • pain resulting from nerve damage.

If you have a chronic disease or condition, you need a primary care provider who will understand your condition and stay on top of your treatment.

Patients know chronic diseases by their names, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and cancer to name a few. And with each of these conditions comes challenges to manage the condition and still live a full life. To further complicate the issue, patients often suffer from several conditions simultaneously. This is where a primary care physician is the most valuable asset a patient can have. Chronic disease is often a frustrating thing to live with, but with a developed medical team headed by a caring family physician, it can be managed.

Your doctor will coordinate treatment plans with any specialists you are seeing and will check to ensure those treatment plans do not counteract any other treatment plans you are following. With a healthy patient-doctor relationship, you can work together toward a goal of minimizing the impact the disease has on your life.

Our New Generation Medical team can help you keep the chronic disease in control and help you regain energy and strength through chronic disease management. Now we can help right from your phone! Please call us: ​718-676-0404.

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