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New Generation Medical is consistently trying to improve the care our patients receive. During the past year we have been participating in quality improvement activities that have resulted in the following:

Last year 81% of our patients were in control of their blood pressure. Currently this number has improved to 90% and is continuing to improve!!

In the beginning of the year 84% of patients who needed medication for high cholesterol were prescribed Crestor, an expensive brand name drug. Now only 54% of patients were prescribed Crestor. 30% have moved to a generic medication, which is cheaper and has all of the same benefits!

Several patients mentioned issues with our wait times in our patient surveys so we decided to try and change the way we prepared for the day to improve the flow of patients. We started in June with 55% of patients saying they waited an “excellent” amount of time to see Dr. Zhukovski. After working to change this and doing more patient surveys, we saw that 58% of responses were excellent!

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